Bridge and Dam Aerial Inspections 

                  54,259 of the nation’s 612,677 bridges are rated “structurally deficient.”

The average age of the 90,580 dams in the country is 56 years old and rated“structurally deficient.”


To help ensure public safety we provide Aerial Inspections Visual Integrity Archive Service. Aerial Inspections can identify and resolves problems that otherwise would be missed by individuals and the naked eye. Aerial Inspections allows multiple inspections to evaluate data in a safe environment allowing for better cumulative decision making without risk of possible accidents to inspectors and workers.

 Sky Soldier Drones LLC.  offers Aerial Inspections/Visual Integrity Archive Drone Services. 

This is exactly what it sounds like we providing industries with a historical archive with high-resolution pictures, video, and  3D Mapping of their equipment that will show the visual integrity of the equipment like Bridges and Dams, Windmills, Towers.

Saving time - Avoid costly delays. Many industries must shut down their operations in order to perform otherwise routine inspections. 

Saving money- Drone-based aerial inspections can save you 50-75% in cost...  It's dramatically cheaper and faster than putting a man in a crane and sending him up to do a manual inspection. Drones eliminate all of that. 

Save Lives- Safety (protecting and saving lives)—In 2018 over 300 inspectors of radio and cell phone towers died on the job avoided putting lives in danger by climbing on dangerous structures  



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                                  Save Time, Save Money, and Save Lives, with Professional Aerial Inspections.

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